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AQUA UNIVERSE GROUP.(AU) strives to contribute to the wellbeing of customers and all stakeholders through the design, manufacture and sale of globally accepted products and services. The Group also recognizes that its social responsibility and the basis for its business activities are to protect personal information and to secure the safety of its customers.
Every member of AU. is unified in efforts to ensure the protection and safety of personal information and strictly adheres to the following policies and measures.

1. The Collection of Personal Information
AU. strictly adheres to laws and regulations relating to the collection and protection of personal information and endeavors to clarify purpose and use.

2. The Use of Personal Information
The collection of personal information is strictly limited to the scope and purpose for which it is required. AU. makes every effort to observe the rights and privacy of its customers.

3. The Handling of Personal Information
AU. adopts appropriate security measures and maintains an internal control system to protect personal information and prevent illegal access, loss, damage, tampering or leakage.

4. The Disclosure, Amendment and Disposal of Personal Information
AU. will attend to the disclosure, amendment and disposal of personal information upon request in accordance with the Group's specified rules and regulations subject to verification of identity.

5. Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties
AU. will not disclose personal information to a third party unless specifically approved by the individual in question. Personal information may, however, be disclosed to a third party in the following cases:
-As required under laws and regulations
-To avoid an infringement on the rights and assets of the Group, its employees and customers, as determined by AU.
-To ensure the safety of the customer and public as determined by AU.
-To fulfill the purpose for which personal information was collected and under instruction from the customer, AU. may disclose personal information to a third party charged to handle information within identified bounds.

6. Internal Controls
AU. implements employee and member training and conducts periodic internal audits to ensure a greater level of personal information protection awareness. The Group adopts all necessary measures in the management and internal control of personal information.

7. Efforts to Improve Compliance and the Handling of Personal Information
AU. strictly adheres to all relevant laws and regulations as they relate to the handling of personal information. The Group also undertakes a continuous review with the aim of improving personal information policies and measures adopted in personal information handling.
Inquiries Relating to Personal Information For inquiries and comments relating to the handling of personal information identified in this Website, please contact the following: AQUA UNIVERSE Planning Department

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