Monoatomic Gold ORMUS「Higane」

It's time to experience the powers of Magic

Monoatomic Gold Powder "Higane" is full of amazing mystery as materializing the principle of human cells and DNA.

also it has the key of life to unlock limited human abilities. as you know common gold is a three dimensional structure with ten or more atoms stick together.

the other side, a two dimensional structure with one or two atoms stick together is monoatomic gold.

monoatomic gold is a magical substance hidden unknown power both structurally and historically.

knowing monoatomic gold is to know the essence of life as well.

Attractive Monoatomic Gold

Shine like a rainbow

・Sparkling iridescence
In the sunlight spread a small amount to your fingers or on your skin and you can observe it with a magnifying glass. see the sparkling rainbow color shine. it is amazing!

・Mass 0 even though it is substance
Try to touch it and lift some on your finger you can feel how lightness and purity nevertheless it is on your finger.

・Its gravity
Slowly rotate your finger with some and notice the Monoatomic Gold's adherence to your finger and what appears to be self magnetism.


Monoatomic Gold Purification Process

Refining from pure gold

200ppm Colloidal Gold and 99.99% Pure gold. That's all, Literally made by pure gold only.

in the final process, the precipitate is sun-dried with the power of the sun's rays.

and Rosy Golden Monoatomic Gold is now born.