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Today I wanna talk about Disney’s animation “Aladdin”

If you’re not disney fan, you might have watched it before.

Known as known a famous song of Aladdin “A WHOLE NEW WORLD”.

the Beautiful song is loved by many people in the world.



Aladdin was published in 1992.

The sales of the video (VHS) of 1993 was 1st of the year in US and JAPAN.

By the way, Do you know that there are many disney characters come out in Aladdin?



Like Genie changes Pinocchio, also Sebastian, Goofy and the Beast of Beauty and the Beast appear in the film!

I feel like I’m excited when other disney characters get to be on a disney film…only me?Lol

Individually I love the scene when Aladdin gives an apple from his shoulder to Jasmine like the picture below.



In Japan, the Aladdin’s Japanese voice actor change to a new man made me feel strange and sad…

I love the voice of Genie, it fits with my image perfectly💓

Genie’s character setting was different with now’s you know.

He was a quiet speaker on the setting but a Genie’s voice actor Robin Williams made change to pop speaks with a lot of ad lib.

Robin Williams is a famous actor and voice actor as you know.

A famous character “Popeye” on the Popeye show, the popeye’s voice is by him.

Unfortunately Robin died on August 11, 2014…



Aladdin is a wonderful animation no matter how many times you see it.

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