Monoatomic Gold

Monoatomic Gold smelted from 24KGold Colloidal Gold and etc is amazing ormus.

Break through brain cell performance, functions of the nervous system remarkably through your body.

And you can activate your whole body with incredible magical experience.

Surprisingly unknown secret powers in Monoatomic Gold.


"Quality" is a top priority for our Monoatomic Gold products.

All products are made in Japan.

Due to the nature of the product, It is not possible to increase the number of production greatly.

We would export and sell the best quality product of Japan to the world.


Monoatomic Gold Powder「Higane -緋金-」
5000mg, 10000mg, 28350mg ON SALE

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Monatomic Gold, White Powder Gold, ORMUS are other names of Monoatomic Gold.