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Disney's motion picture "Pinocchio" published in 1940.

It was out as the second film of Disney's animation following Snow White, and recorded a big hit.

A representative famous song of Pinocchio "When You Wish upon a Star" is well known.


In Pinocchio, there is a character who doesn't talk at all.

Despite He has his own lines at first, all the lines were cut off by Walt Disney.

So Who is the character?

It is…



Gideon is the sidekick to Honest John and one of the two secondary antagonists.

Gideon never speaks, possibly because he is mute (though he hiccups).

He is apparently cute dumb, as he is evidently far less intelligent that his partner.

In spite of his voice was already recorded, Walt thought non talk character is needed.

And then, all of his voice was cut off except hiccups.

As Walt thinks, that's an interesting accent if there is a character who doesn't talk.

Do you know the original story of Pinocchio?

Disney's is based on a story that appeared as a serial in a newspaper called "The Adventures of Pinocchio".

written in 1881 and 1882 by Carlo Collodi.

Jiminy Cricket appears as the Talking Cricket in the book, and does not play as prominent of a role.


Carlo Collodi's story was a dick.


He murders the story's version of Jiminy in the first act, and Geppetto goes to jail for negligence.

Once he gets out, poor Geppetto sells his only coat to send Pinocchio to school

And buy him a school book, which Pinocchio promptly sells for theater tickets.

He gets worse and worse from there,

so it's hard to even feel that bad for him when Fox and Cat hang him from a tree,

leaving him to suffocate to death.

OMG, Pinocchio was killed!

That is where Carlo Collodi intended for the tale to end.

In a gruesome death that was a result of all of his flaws at the end of chapter 15.

At the request of the newspaper editor,

Collodi added chapters 16 to 36, where the fairy with turquoise hair,

later to become the Blue Fairy in Disney’s version,

rescues him from death and eventually turns him into a real boy.

The moral of Collodi’s story,

as he intended it to end, is that if you behave badly and do not obey adults,

you will be bound, tortured and killed.


Hooray! Happily Ever After…?Lol

Jiminy Cricket is lovely humorous character.

He looks like cute and charming.

but at the beginning of his design was totally ugly.

I say in a easy word, That's just a Insect. Lol

Let's see the Insect.Lol



Oh dude…


Walt says No! to the designer.

Still Insect…Lol

Looks like it's on The Ants and the Grasshopper.

Absolutely Walt still says No.

Getting better.

He is not Jiminy yet though.

That's not bad.

but Don't compromise, keep working on it!

Oh Yeah!!




That's Jiminy Cricket!!


In a comparison with first one is definitely different.

I didn't know that it took so long time to make Jiminy Cricket.

if the first insect character would be Jiminy, Pinocchio wouldn't be a big hit.



I love the scene when the children having fun at Pleasure Island.

The town where Pinocchio lives looks like Europe, I like it because I had live in Germany🇩🇪



When I was a child, I was feeling like super horrible on the scene below.



the Scene when the kids are turned to donkeys.

That's really scary.

Pinocchio could escape away from but I still care about the kids after turned.


When you scold your kid, you can say "Do what I said! if you don't you be a donkey and your nose be longer!!!"

That's useful.Lol


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