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『Peter Pan』


Peter Pan is my favorite Disney Movie❤️

First of all, Flying in the sky is enviable. Lol

I often fly in the sky in my dream (normally, I feel like swimming in the sky with breaststroke.)

I do not fly in real, I know.

You can fly if you have powder of Tinker Bell though.

It is quite a while ago, I think that Tinker Bell's powder was sold at Tokyo Disneyland.



Disney animation "Peter Pan" published in the United States on February 5, 1953.

Published in Japan is 1955.

Do you know that there is Peter Pan's day?

That is December 27, not February 5th.

December 27, 1904,
James Matthew Barrie's fairy tale "Peter Pan" from the UK Scotland,
It originated from what was premiered in London.



J. M. Barrie's drama "Peter and Wendy".

This is the original of Disney movie Peter Pan.

Although Walt Disney began producing with the right to animation in 1939,
but interrupted to produce because of World War II.

It restarted in 1950.

also they were working on making of "Alice in the Wonderland" at the same time.

After 3 years to complete and it costs 4 million dollars
There are 2 million pictures in total and 934 background pictures.

And in 1953 it was finally released as an animation movie of Walt Disney 25th anniversary Productions foundation.


I'm not quite sure about animation production, are there more pictures to make a film than recent animations?

like Moana and Frozen are amazing digital touch motion, I don't know whether the original picture is hand writing or drawing on computer.


also Japanese Animation "Your name", its beautiful vivid film makes me amazed but how those are different between how to make recent animations and old classics?

If you know, please let me know on comments below!


By the way, "Moana" Have you seen?

I went to see it on the first day in Japan.

I love the music, story and their character!

Was much better than I thought.


I feel like shiny ♪.

I just could recognize Te Fiti as a green woman of Shrek,,,

Now I love Moana and I will feature to talk about Moana next time!


Okay return to the story of Peter Pan.Lol



People have a strong image of fantasy and dreams and an adventure in Peter Pan.

But in the novel is different!

It is in a passage of a long novel called "Peter Pan and Wendy" in 1911.


"As children grow bigger, it violates rules.
Peter Pan killed the children vindictively as closely as possible. "

Yes, He is not him we know.

Peter Pan was a "serial killer".

So there are only children in Neverland where Peter's friends are.


I was surprised.

Peter is a murderer. OMG…

Probably He's a bad guy than captain Hook…

Surprising that Peter Pan has such a terrible story behind it hidden.

However, Disney's Peter Pan has humor, brave and love.

Peter, Wendy, John, Michael and Tinker Bell when flying to Neverland,
And The song "You can fly" on the back is awesome!

I love it❤️



And then Michael is so cute.

It was good that Michael's homie bear helped themselves at fight with the Hook pirates.



If you are Disney fans or Peter Pan fans comment below please!

after the 21st of Disney movie is also nice, but I still love in classical Disney.





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